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  • Asiatic Pheasants
    A great informational site for lovers of Asiatic Pheasants pattern china, with pattern history, makers names and initials. If you wish to buy Asiatic Pheasants, there is a link to a wonderful catalogue of antique and new Asiatic Pheasants for sale. Extensive selection of Burleigh Blue Asiatic Pheasants and Pink Asiatic Pheasants.
    E-mail: china@blueandwhite.com
  • Kitchen Lane
    For a tempting array of well-tested heirloom recipes (such as hot fudge sauce!), traditional entertaining and cooking ideas, colorful bits of American culinary history, plus some helpful suggestions on working with discontinued tableware dealers from Set Your Table\'s own Susan Ranta, visit Kitchen Lane. The site is maintained by an award-winning food journalist and cookbook author.
    E-mail: none2@none.com
  • SilverGuard
    SilverGuard offers a variety of unique, hand-crafted silver-care storage products to aid you in keeping your sterling and silver-plated jewelry, flatware, tableware and dinnerware clean and tarnish-free. All of our products are made or lined with authentic Pacific Silvercloth®, the exclusive fabric that is embedded with thousands of particles of silver. These silver particles absorb tarnish-producing sulfide gases, keeping your sterling silver articles clean and shining between uses. Pacific Silvercloth® will positively keep your silver articles free of tarnish for 50 years or longer. In addition to our Silvercloth products, 3M Anti-Tarnish Strips are also
  • SilverMine
    An internet resource for the study and identification of the marks struck on silver. Including a guide to English silver, world silver standards, guide to Sheffield plate and electroplate, SilverMine exchange - buy , sell, queries. Download software. Bookshop courtesy of Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk and more...
  • The Bowl Mill Store
    The Bowl Mill Store specializes in products of Vermont, such as our hardwood bowls, other Woodenware, Specialty foods and other gifts.
  • The China Painting List
    "The only online directory just for porcelain painting."
    This selected List includes personal and business sites from around the world; associations and museums; brush and kiln manufacturers; fine china, potteries and restorers; plus magazines, schools and suppliers. It also has site search and a newsletter.
  • The Stieff Company
    The site is the authorized historical record of The Stieff Company. You will find over 1000 pages of Stieff catalogs, history, photographs of the factory and stories from the Stieff family.
    E-mail: scottinelmgrove@yahoo.com
  • William Turner Sheffield
    Genuine Sheffield - Master Cutlers since 1887.

    We supply the only cutlery that is still wholly made in Sheffield, UK. Always check this is the case before you buy 'Sheffield' cutlery, as there are many companies making the claim.

    We supply our quality Sheffield Cutlery and Gifts to 35 countries around the world.
    E-mail: info@williamturnersheffield.com

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