In order for the dealers to help you they must know both your pattern name/number and your manufacturer. If you do not know this information, here are instructions for getting your dinnerware identified:

Take digital photos, in JPEG form at 72-100 *(low) resolution*, approximately 6-7 inches wide.

Dinnerware: Photograph _both the front and the backstamp_ of a dinner plate.

Glassware: Photograph the profile of a glass and also the base if it is other than round. Be sure the stem shows well. If possible, put a ruler next to the glass to show measurements. If the pattern does not come through well, try sticking a black sock in the bowl.

Flatware: Photograph the front and back of a three piece place setting. Make sure the pattern on the handle is clear. Include what is written on the back of the fork or spoon in your request.

Send the images to yourself first to make sure they are sharp and clear and that the backstamp information can be easily read. Blurry photos are or no use to anyone.

*Send your images, along with your name and mailing address to research@replacements.com*

*(Please do not send them back to Set Your Table. We can't identify anything.)*

They will identify your pattern and send you a price listing of the pieces they have in your pattern. Once you know both pattern name and manufacturer, come back to Set Your Table and send your request to all the dealers listed under your manufacturer.

If you are unable to send a photo via the internet, please send them via mail to:

Replacements Ltd.
Pattern ID, Dept DD
PO Box 26029
Greensboro, NC 27420

Be sure to include your name and mailing address, and your email address so they can get back to you.

Many Haviland patterns were never given a pattern name or number. There are six or seven books where a woman named Schleiger assigned pattern numbers called "Schleiger Numbers." This identification system has helped considerably, though there are still thousands of Haviland patterns and variations of patterns still unidentified.

Nora Travis of Travis Haviland China is willing to assist you with Haviland identification. Follow the same instructions for photographing dinnerware above. Also, photograph a corner of a plate to show the pattern clearly. If there is a pattern in the center of the plate, photograph that too.

Send your images and your request for pattern identification to

Travis Haviland China Replacements
Nora Travis Travishrs@aol.com
Mailing address:
13337 E. South Street, #161
Cerritos, CA 90701
(714) 521-9283

When you send your message to Haviland dealers listed at Set Your Table, please try to include a photo of the front and backstamp so the dealer can see your pattern.

And last, for Noritake patterns: Many patterns can never be identified. The Noritake factories were bombed and burned during WWII, and all pattern records were lost. You can get some idea of date range when your dinnerware was made by reading the information at this website: The History Of Noritake

Additional information about Noritake can be found at these links: Replacements Ltd.: Noritake China Gotheborg.com: Noritake

Hope this helps,
Susan Ranta, publisher

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